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Community Green

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Green Heart.
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Green Fingers.
We Act!

Before Greta Thunberg there was another young girl sharing uncomfortable truths – Anne Frank. She wrote “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

At ScholarLee we recognise in her statement the need to act . . . incrementally, positively, ever-forward and not wait till the ‘right’ moment.

At ScholarLee we don’t have all the answers but we won’t wait on the sidelines in the meantime – we want to be an exemplar and conduit for sustainable living practices; to develop, innovate and maintain a flourishing, commercial business model and community of users, creators and facilitators. 

Sustainability is not a goal to be reached but a way of thinking, a way of being, a way of doing and a principle by which all our decisions must be guided by. It’s not going to be without challenge; some of it will be fun, some of it may be tedious, some of it will mean changing habits but you and we know it’s important. We hope you’ll join, contribute to and support our endeavours.

Energy & Transport - ScholarLee
  • Clever design: both Magazine Road and Mardyke building complexes are A-rated for highest energy efficiency; incorporating minimal consumption considerations at build design and fitout.

  • Latest Mardyke complex features sensor reactive lights in all common areas – entrances, staircases, lobbies, apartment hallways, corridors etc – to reduce energy waste.

  • A-rated appliances are fitted as standard

  • Smart heating systems installed at Magazine Road and Mardyke to ensure greatest efficiency.

  • All complexes designed for easy and safe pedestrian access and proximity to services and amenities.

  • All complexes adjacent to public transport.

  • Secure bicycle racks in all complexes.

Community _ ScholarLee

Building sustainable, flourishing communities is crucial to our operation and we take seriously our responsibilities to our residents and community neighbours. Being a good and considerate neighbour is our default mode whether it be within our ScholarLee residences or outside in our neighbourhood.

  • Residents Association – ScholarLee is actively involved with the Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas Residents Association and we have a very strong relationship (see their testimonial here).

  • Clean Up Day – ScholarLee team and residents participate in regular litter pick events with the Magazine Road Residents Association

  • Art can brighten and illuminate all our environments - we have commissioned artworks from Mad About Cork for Magazine Road funded by Cork City Council. Another piece commissioned and funded by ScholarLee will shortly be unveiled at our Mardyke site.

  • Sponsorships – ScholarLee is delighted to be a sponsor of UCC Rugby and Sunday’s Well Tennis Club.

  • In non-covid years we have had coffee mornings at complexes for residents to meet and get to know each other, organised by SL with hot drinks and food from local cafes/restaurants.

  • This year we have run a number of residents’ promotions / giveaways consciously supporting SME businesses in the area – Rising Sons Brewery, Oak Fire Pizza, Joes and Bros and more.

Waste & Recycling - ScholarLee
  • All waste is required to be separated – communal and within each residence.

  • Separation includes for food waste/composting; glass; plastics; paper etc.

  • Battery recycling boxes at entrances to complexes.

Gardens - ScholarLee

  • ScholarLee does not permit the use of herbicides or insecticides in our gardens. We plant in season, appropriately incorporating good gardening practices to encourage beneficial insect and animal life.

  • Magazine Road also has pumpkin patches, pumpkins grown each year are given to residents of complexes for carving at Halloween – check out our Insta posts from last October.

  • Bishop Street has a large mature & private garden, rare in such a city centre location, with a wonderful variety of planting from native broadleaf trees to annual wildflowers as well as pumpkin and potato planting each year. The garden is a much loved asset of our residents here attracting pollinators, bird life and offering a calm and reflective space to meditate, take the sun or enjoy al fresco meals.

Certificate of Participation - ScholarLee

  • ScholarLee has signed up to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

  • The plan of action is to A. Protect areas that are already providing food and shelter for pollinators, B. Reduce mowing under a pollinator friendly regime and C. Pollinator friendly planting such as clover lawn, native wildflower meadow, pollinator friendly flower beds, trees and shrubs as well as pollinator friendly containers.

AIPP Business Logo - ScholarLee

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